Trading Psychology: Mistakes in a Trading Environment

In terms of trading, one of the most neglected subjects are those dealing with trading psychology. Most traders spend days, months and even years looking for the right system. But having a system is merely portion of the game. Don’t get us incorrect, it is very important to have a system that properly suits the trader, but it is as significant as having a money management plan, or to understand all mindset barriers that may impact the trader decisions and other issues. fusionex

Most Fx trading courses and Fx training programs just forget about these important aspects of trading. But the truth is that in order to attain this business, there must be a total equilibrium between all important facets of trading. 

In the trading environment, when you lose a trade, what is the first proven fact that pops up in your mind? This would oftimes be, “There must be a problem with my system”, or “I knew it, My spouse and i shouldn’t have taken this trade” (even when your system signaled it). Yet sometimes we should dig a little deeper to be able to see the nature of our mistake, and then work on it appropriately.

When it comes to trading currency trading as well as other markets, only 5% of traders achieve the supreme goal: to be regular in profits. What is interesting though is that there is merely a tiny difference between this 5% of traders and the rest of them. The top 5% expand from mistakes; mistakes are a learning experience, they learn an invaluable idea on every single oversight made. Deep in their minds, a blunder is one more chance to try it harder and do it better the next time, because they know they might not get the opportunity the next time. And at the end, this tiny difference becomes The best difference.

Mistakes in the trading environment

Most of us relate a trading mistake to the end result (in conditions of money) of any given investment. The truth is, a mistake has nothing to do with it, blunders are made when certain guidelines are not adopted. If the rules you trade by are broken. Take for instance the following scenarios:

First circumstance: The system signals a trade.

1. Signal considered and trade happens to be a profitable trade.
Outcome of the trade: Positive, made money.
Experience gained: The good to follow the machine, if I do this constantly chances will change in my favor. Self confidence is gained in both the trader and the machine.
Mistake made: None.

sequel payments on your Transmission taken and trade spins out to be a losing trade.
Outcome of the trade: Negative, lost money.
Experience gained: That is impossible to get every single trade, a losing trade is merely part of the business; our raw material, we understand we can’t get them perfectly. Even with this lost trade, the trader is proud about himself for pursuing the system. Confidence in the trader is gained.
Mistake made: None.

3. Signal not taken and trade turns out to be a profitable control.
Outcome of the company: Neutral.
Experience gained: Aggravation, the trader always appears to get in trades that ended up being losing trades and let the profitable deals go away. Confidence is lost in the speculator self.
Mistake made: Not really taking a trade when the program signaled it.

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