Retail Packaging Update – Because Of Flexible Packaging The Supermarket Is Not Like It Used To Be

Packing insiders all agree: adaptable packaging has revolutionized the customer products industry. But of all of the industries which may have adopted these packaging methods, the the one which has seen the most opportunity therefore is undeniably the grocery market.

Because versatile packages offer superior protection against outside contaminants, products like standup pouches are particularly well-suited to house food products. With one easy walk through a supermarket, you can use see all the several ways flexible product packaging has impacted the food market. One example is: Flexi Pack


The beverage industry has a lot to gain from flexible pouches. Capri Sun(R) did it years back and saw tremendous success because of this – hardly a child in America will not equate the Capri Sunlight brand with a nice little foil pouch! Mainly because so many beverages are marketed to children, adaptable packaging is especially suitable to this category because their unique construction permits them to be published using advanced printing techniques – all of which can make your brand and graphics really stand out from your competition. 


It may be hard to think, but flexible packing in addition has had a huge impact on the produce industry. Pre-washed salads, fruit and vegetables, and fruits can all be marketed in versatile packages, and consumers especially like the ability to re-close produce packages for easier storage also to help extend lifespan of the product. Packaging insiders concur that the produce market probably has the most to gain, more so than some other industry, by adopting flexible product packaging for their products.

Chilled Products

In the cooled meat, dairy, and even the frozen foods areas, flexible packaging is being used to offer consumers something they didn’t have before: the ability to re-close a package (with a tight seal) via a zip seal zip once it has recently been opened. Shredded cheeses are probably the most clear example of flexible product packaging at work, but even manufacturers of frozen foods are needs to pick up on the trend and more plus more often most likely seeing flexible pouches with re-closeable zip seals in the freezer aisle. The ability to re-close a package once it has been opened is extremely appealing to consumers, in particular when it comes to cooled foods that are more susceptible to spoilage once they’re opened.


There is absolutely no question that manufacturers of snack products have truly claimed flexible packaging because their own. Nuts, crackers, cookies, and dried fruits are some of the products that are now being are available flexible pouches. And merchandisers couldn’t be more comfortable: what once had to be in a can or box are now able to stand on a shelf or hold from a peg – which frees up all sorts of space and puts smiles on retailers’ faces!

In closing, adaptable packaging is merely a part of the overall packing industry. However, with developments such as those shown above, it is clear that flexible packaging will soon have a more dominant piece of the packaging industry “pie”.

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