Raw Milk Myths – Part 2 of 3

Fantasy 2: Pasteurized milk and raw milk are nutritional equivalent.

In the general population warning that the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) and CDC posted about raw milk, they also claimed that “numerous studies” show no nutritional distinctions between raw and pasteurized milk. This really is disturbing, since so many doctors, researchers and researchers have found the opposite to be true. There are studies funded by the Milk Industry that claim that there are few healthy dissimilarities and it seems that the FDA/CDC established their claim on these alone. (Actually, they centered their statement on a single newspaper alone. ) Hippie Butter

“Unpasteurized dairy: a health fetish” was published in 1984. In it, Dr. M. Elizabeth. Potter misinterprets and misrepresents a study done by Doctor Francis Pottenger Junior. in 1946. Pottenger provided cats a variety of milk and meat diets, including pasteurized milk, uncooked milk and milk fortified with added synthetic nutritional D. M. E. Knitter states that “Numerous studies of the relative health merits of raw and pasteurized milk have recently been conducted in animals and humans, and no dissimilarities were detectable. “This statement seems to (but should not, ) include Pottenger’s work. Pottenger’s research found that: 

– The pasteurized dairy and the milk overflowing with synthetic calciferol performed not provide enough healthy content for the pet cats
– Cats fed pasteurized milk showed “lessened reproductive : efficiency, ” “skeletal changes” and “the kittens offered deficiencies in development”
– 13 cats fed pasteurized milk all died within many months
– Cats provided raw milk remained disease-free, fertile and healthy for several ages

Dr. Pottenger was one of many doctors in the early on 1900’s who were compared with to pasteurization. Much research from that time found pasteurized milk to be nutritionally deficient. Researchers found that pasteurized milk brought on anemia, asthma and slower growth. Pottenger himself said:

“Let us have more cooperation between raw-milk manufacturers and public-health officials so the growth-producing factors of uncooked milk can be analyzed. We cannot afford to pasteurize milk if it is found that pasteurization diminishes the potency of the growth-promoting factors that determine the skeletal development of our children. We all cannot afford to decrease the resistance of our children to respiratory disease, asthma, bronchitis and the common cold when factors stopping them are present in greater amounts in properly clean raw dairy than in pasteurized dairy. ”

Multiple studies found that pasteurized milk was associated with scurvy due to degradation of calciferol.

“Although pasteurized milk shall be suggested on account of the security which it provides against infection, we should realize that it is an incomplete food. Except if an antiscorbutic, such as orange juice,…. or spud water is added, children will develop scurvy on this diet. This form of scurvy takes some months to develop and may be termed subacute. It must be considered not only the most frequent form of the disorder, but the one which passes most often unrecognized. ” Hess, A. F.

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