Off The Beaten Path – Winter Activities In Jackson Hole

The Jackson Hole skiing area is often considered among the finest skiing destinations in area. The advanced trails, back again country thrills and large number of winter activities make it the perfect place for ski bums and tourists to hang. Besides the clear ski trails and mountain resorts, the Knutson Hole skiing area has a lot to offer thrill seekers. activité aventure

Here are a few options for those ski enthusiasts looking for adventure off the beaten path:

Cross-Country Winter sports 

The Jackson Hole area offers many groomed and un-groomed trails for all cross-country expert levels. In Jackson Hole, skiing cross country is more than simply a recreational activity, however. This is an amazing possibility to consume the splendor and beauty of Yellowstone Country wide Park and its bordering area.

Winter snows bring changes to the scenery and animals migrating or preparing to hibernate in many cases are seen when cross-country winter sports in remote areas. Bear in mind, it is healthier for the animals if snowboarders observe through binoculars or high-powered lenses rather than trying to physically get as close as possible!


Jackson Hole snow skiing also offers extreme thrill-seekers the possibility to take part in a relatively new form of skiing called heli-skiing. Professional skiers or snowboarders can experience a fantastic helicopter concert tours as they are raised high above the area floor to the unblemished snow-fields of the Rugged Mountains. Skiing this beautiful snow is often the highlight of any trip to the area. Heli-ski trips are typically exclusive and can include a guide trained to find the best snow on the maximum peaks with out more than five or six snowboarders.

Snowcat Skiing

One of the most unusual activities that Jackson Hole snowboarding offers is called snowcat skiing. For those organizations who seek the joy of heli-skiing but are not able to afford its cost, snowcat skiing is a great alternative. A snowcat is a tracked, truck-like vehicle that can literally ascend snowy mountains. Trips usually take up to eight skiers and can cover up to twenty, 500 vertical feet in one day! That is the perfect way to enhance your winter sports limits without emptying your pocketbook.

Dog Sledding

Pertaining to some who visit Knutson Hole, skiing is not the only draw. The thrill of riding lurking behind a pack of sled dogs as they angle and turn their way through snowy mountain paths is enough for even expert skiers to put their skis away for a few hours! Knutson Hole is home to many of the most experienced sled individuals on the globe. Many companies offer one-hour, half-day, full-day and even over night trips to fantastic looks out to or hot springs private pools.


For many in Jackson Hole, skiing requires a backseat to the thrill and excitement of snowmobiling through the unbelievable landscapes the area has to offer. Many businesses offer guided tours into amazing Granite Hot Springs, creatures tours in the Gros Ventre area and even 2-3 day overnight excursions. Floating on fresh powder snow, forging a trail where nobody has been before – these are the thrills that keep people coming back for more!

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