Little Known Facts About The Ait Backup Tape Technology

Each time a person familiar with the concept of data archiving and storage and storage comes up which device should provide to backup data, than his answer would almost certainly be the LTO Ultrium tape technology. In truth he’s quite right that the LTO Storage technology has its own decades and amazing features that can address almost all of the data storage issues within the market. However for that niche that still uses other varieties of back up, there are other available options for data backup. Alternatives like the AIT Back up tapes (Advanced Intelligent Tape). fusionex founder

The AIT Backup Tags have been around for a while now and although the format has been discontinued, the format still offers something for companies in conditions of information backup and security. Underneath are some facts about the AIT tapes that you might not exactly have recently been aware of. 

Format for Data Storage

First and foremost unlike other data backup tapes the TIENNE tapes come in two form factors. The first form factor to be released was the 8mm dual reel format. This involved storing data over a tape of width 8mm and possessing a dual reel. The AIT-1 record released in 1996 owned this type factor and it continued with this form factor for a lot of of the coming years.

The 2nd form factor released in 2003 as SAIT (Super Advanced Intelligent Tape) used a half inch recording with just one reel. This kind of move was prompted anticipated to the increasing competition from the LTO and the DLT formats.

Match ups with other Tapes and Hard disks

One of the most user friendly and famous features of every AIT Data Backup Strapping is the forward and backward compatibility feature. This kind of means that for example the second generation of this format works with both the third era and the first era. This will make it so much easier for users to upgrade to new technologies as they come out. Although this compatibility feature exists in the LTO Ultrium, the idea was taken from the AIT technology.

Companies of the technology

This is amazing how some users do not know about the manufacturers of this tape technology. This kind of storage technology was first developed by Sony and the tapes were manufactured by two major brands. 1 of them was Fiat and the other is HP. One of the popular Sony AIT products includes the Sony SDX2-50C AIT Data Cartridge which possesses enough of a storage capacity and copy rate to cater for most small sized companies and organisations.

Improvements in Existing Tapes

One of the unique highlights of this technology is the creation of advancements in existing tapes. To get example after the AIT-1 Tape came the AIT-1 Turbo. This improved version of the original was designed to compete with other tape formats and as such possessed a larger storage space along with a faster copy speed.

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