Life what a gift! ~RISEN MONK MUSIC

I’ve lost everything three years in a row for different reasons. I started out a new business previous year, and Irma blew it away. I received in a near-fatal car crash on February the 9th on this year and walked away in one piece. I shouldn’t be alive anywhere. “If I actually ain’t God, how the f@#k can one fear it” (Stormzy). nature sounds

You will discover no hazards I am afraid of anymore. Or easily is bothered, I don’t really know what these risks are. I have always been learning to be risk-averse. As an entrepreneur, My spouse and i live on the risk rollercoaster.

The principal challenge is I have necessary right now. I would take those perk money to acquire the item. I do ecommerce, so that wouldn’t be a significant issue.

An additional major challenge is the fact I’m starting a Masters Program this 12 months, have an e-commerce business and have to get a full-time job. This won’t be a whole lot of fun, but it is what it. “When they ask what do you do? Whatever I’ve to” (#entrepreneur). I usually work between 50 to 100 hours a week. If I’m awake, My spouse and i is usually working or thinking about operate some way.

That said almost all of the songs I already recorded many songs.

We want to release 3 albums on Christmas: “LION 2/LYIN’ 2”, “Christ Destination and “Live Free or Die Tryin’. ” Among 30 to 100 tunes. Worst case scenario, We will release ten salable tracks and two mixtapes.

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