How Big Is BIG DATA?

Performed you ever wonder when you upload your picture or change a position or even comments on your pals profile, how will it get stored? Include you ever imagined how big the data that large numbers of users create every day? How is it managed? fusionex founder

As a subject of fact the uk’s technological per-capita ability to store information has about doubled every 40 weeks since the 1980s, as of 2012, every day 2. 5 quintillion (2. 5x10raised to power18) octet of data were created. Because of the ever before growing technological advancement extremely large quantities of data is being generated. This kind of large chunk of data remains unused since the organizations are still striving and finding ways how they can utilize the data to its maximum and put it to use to their advantage. Forrester Research reports that organizations effectively utilize less than 5% of their available data. Right here comes the Big Info technology to their save. It would open new doors and new strategies for the Enterprise. This can be a way for them in becoming tomorrow’s leaders. It could help them in analyzing marketplaces, understand customer, know their demands and pathways to new company. 

Examples – Big Info Use

*The U. S i9000. federal government collects more than 370, 000 organic and geospatial datasets from 172 agencies and sub-contract agencies. It leverages that data to provide a portal to 230 citizen-developed apps.

*Professional social network LinkedIn uses data from its more than 75 million users to build new social products centered on users’ own explanations of their skill models.

*Facebook has more than 800 million active users, and there are more than 900 million things (pages, groups, events and community pages) that folks have interaction with. Facebook users spend over 700 billion minutes per month on the site, creating on average 90 pieces of content and sharing 30 million pieces of content each month. Facebook’s data facilities team is in charge of quickly analyzing all that data to present it to users in the best way.

A number of recent technology advancements are enabling organizations to make the almost all of big data and big data stats:

While using new technology developments, many factors help Agencies tap the strength of big data:

*Open-source software framework like hadoop for analyzing data

*Use of MapReduce -programming model for large data sets

*Use of Yahoo file systems

*NoSQL as database management systems

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