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Keywords is the concept at the bottom of search motors, and of big part of the internet and a global online business. keywords database

Everyday millions of individuals using the internet link to google search in order to search any possible topic, also to get specific results they enter keywords and key phrases about.

The major search search engines sites are built to give lists of web sites related to keywords, but nowadays in addition they include sponsored results of paying advertisers, also keywords related, and selling these advertising results is their main revenue. You must consider that all those looks and the related keywords are recorded, and purchased in giant databases. 

Yahoo is the biggest search engine, and gets the biggest of those databases, also it gives free gain access to all those data to its advertisers, as well as to generic users. All these data can be utilized through different keyword tools, some extremely sophisticated, why don’t we see some of them.

I will add the search words you can use to simply reach them through the Yahoo search engine.

The first one, and maybe the most known is the Yahoo AdWords External Keyword research tool, that you can reach searching these keywords:

“Google AdWords External Key phrase Tool”

This tool is very useful, and powerful. It returns a list that includes the most searched keywords starting from just one keyword, or that are associated to a specific site. It is determined by the preferences you established on that link. Essential to consider is that you can decide also to achieve the results for a specific language or a specific country.

Is it possible to understand how powerful can it be to make key phrase research for your online business? And it not only returns the quantity of searches associated to the keywords, but also many other data.

One other very useful free key word tool of Google is the Google Trends key word tool. I suggest to find these two different variations and key phrases:

“Google hot trends”

“Google trends”

This tool provides by default lists of the matters and searches, but since you enter a key word in the search container you get many useful results about the volume level of pursuit of the keywords along years, and also geographic data. Google Developments is cool.

The tool can be useful if you have a site and you simply want to know how popular would be the searches about the keywords related to your site, but also if you wish to begin a new web business and you want to really know what are the hot subject areas you can return from.

But that’s not all, you can also use Google Insight To get Search. I am able to access it through my Google consideration, so it may require you have a Google bank account too, which you already have if you use Gmail, anyway it is liberal to join.

Reach it simply by searching in Yahoo for: “Google Insight Intended for Search”

There are numerous options available on the page, and you could use them to complete extremely advanced keywords studies.

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