Google AdWords Traffic Strategies – How to Make Sure Your Keywords Do Not Get Deactivated

One of the primary problems people have with getting traffic to their site from Facebook is the fact that they keep getting their keywords deactivated. On this page I want to show you exactly how to repair this problem instantly so you can get more visitors to your site with Ppc. delete kik account

Step #1 – You have to be sure to have a really good click through rate on your ads.

In essence that Yahoo makes its money when people click on your ads. So if you have an incredibly low click through rate you are not going to make Google any money. That means they can be eventually heading to stop running your ads. 

So you have to ensure you are always separated testing them to see if you can get an ad that will give you a really high click through rate to get a great deal of website visitors who will hopefully buy from you.

Step #2 – You must ensure you are setting up your account the correct way.

The bottom line is that you need to ensure you are focused on being as relevant as possible with your account as you will get your keywords deactivated if you are not doing a good job only at that.

You have to be sure to are matching the keywords with your advertising so they are targeted and definitely will work together. In the event that you do this you’ll certainly be more then likely to attract more visitors to your site!

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