AR, AI, and Big Data fusion: Digital World at hand

Once in a lifetime, the world has been granted a chance for the leap of development with the growth of the modern “4.0 generation” tech, creating the perfect startup environment.


Augmented Reality (AR)

By nature, AR is a technology that transforms the real environment around user into a real-time 3D digital one. Usually, AR uses smart devices’ camera to “add -in” the surrounding space with computer-generated perceptual information. AR Applications In Gaming 


In simple term, AR technology is the combination of visual information and the real world, “augmented” user experience with data and other “fantasy” feature. Data from the Statista shows that AR will achieve tremendous progress over the next few years, projecting the magnitude of the AR and VR market (virtual reality) to reach $ 215 billion by 2021.


After the Pokemon Go fever in 2016, AR technology has gained more and more attention from the community. Accordingly, the number of startup based on AR is expected to rise in 2018 when 30% of the companies in the Global 2000 group, which contain the largest companies in the world,  are also planning to “try-out” the new technology in the field of marketing.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


According to Gartner market research, it predicts that by 2020, AI will become one of the top five priorities of more than 20% of IT executives from large companies around the globe. So it is no surprise that AI will be the leading technology of our time.


The future where AI take the most part of corporation’s profit is nearby. Experts have pointed out that AI will eliminate the boundary between structured and unstructured data and the technology will likely to go beyond the scope of business, playing a crucial role in our life. Those with visions believe that AI has the power to change our world, far from what we can imagine. In fact, big companies do not hesitate to pour their money to put the technology in use,  enhancing predictability, to be more specific.


Big Data

The term “Big Data” refers to a very large set of data that conventional computing techniques cannot handle and also to the relevant data organizing techniques and tools.


Since formed until the end of 2003, the world had only created about 5 billion gigabytes of data, the same amount of data that was generated in just two days in 2011. The number had shortened by 10 minutes in 2013. Therefore, it is not surprising that 90% of the world’s data is generated in the last few years. The advancement of technology along with the emergence of new media channels such as social networking have posed challenges for different industries to find other ways to handle the created data. To meet the urging need, Big Data was developed.


So can we integrate all these technologies in one application?


ARhunter – Treasure hunting game

The upcoming game of VBAEMU, ARHunter is a promising game this year as it applies the latest modern technologies: Blockchain, Smart Contract, AR, AI and Big Data. ARHunter will bring the gaming industry to a new level as it embraced perfectly these technologies on Blockchain 3.0 platform, ensuring reliability, security, and transparency.

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